101st Airborne, 327th Infantry Regiment
327th Infantry Regiment 101st Airborne 327 Infantry 327th Infantry Regiment

The mission for the 327th Infantry Regiment’s Vietnam Memorial is to raise the necessary funds to erect the Monument as shown above in the artist’s rendering.


We are seeking to raise approximately $45,000. All the names of those who made the ultimate sacrifice will be engraved on the new Memorial as a lasting tribute to our brothers…our heroes.


The monument will be erected and dedicated at the Don F. Pratt Museum, Fort Campbell so that long after we have made our final Rendezvous with Destiny the sacrifice of our brothers will be honored for all time.


Earlier this year Bastogne 6, COL Robert Campbell asked our Honorary Colonel of the Regiment, COL-R Lou McDonald and Honorary Sergeant Major, CSM-R Joe Bossi to rally the 327th Infantry’s Vietnam Veterans with building a lasting Memorial to those we lost during the war.


This leadership reached out to our sister organization America Supporting Americans to assist us in making it possible for donations for the Memorial to be tax deductible.


Linda Patterson, the founder of America Supporting Americans and her husband Steve introduced the Memorial and the fund raising objectives at the recent 101st Division Association’s reunion in Nashville and at the Week of the Eagles at Fort Campbell this past July.


Steve created a moving video which you can view by Clicking HERE.  Viewing it will remind you as to why we remember our lost brothers each day.


Your generosity over the past fifteen years since we launched this web site has been Above the Rest and No Slack. Once again we are asking you to step up and support the history we wrote in Vietnam as we honor those who made the ultimate blood sacrifice.


The 327th Vietnam Eagles Point Team has asked Art Pappas to take the point in our effort to build the Monument. Art has arranged for an anonymous group to give a matching donation of the first $5,000 we raise through our web site.


327th Brothers, Sisters, Family and Friends there are a number of ways for you to participate. Donations of a $1 to $50 and any funds given in check form should be mailed per the instructions Click HERE. Those wishing to use a debit or credit card for larger donations should Click HERE for instructions. You will be taken to ASA’s web site to fill out the gift form. Please don’t forget to designate this web site so we get the matching $5,000 and it would be helpful to email Art amp@327infantry.org or Yankee Jim  yankeejim@327infantry.org with the amount of your donation to further support the match. The amount of your donation will not be publicly disclosed and will be used solely in support of the $5,000 match.


All donations will be kept Confidential and are Tax Deductible. Each supporter will  receive an acknowledgement of their gift. Donations of $327 or more may be designated to be in remembrance of one of our fallen brothers. A Memorial Plaque with their name will be sent to you.


Thank you in advance for stepping up and helping us complete this important Memorial. We will send you periodic updates on our progress.

Honor & Country!


The 327th Vietnam Eagles Point Team

Art Pappas

Dale “Hannibal” Hansen

David J. Markham

Marion “Mouse” Hammond

Dennis Sheridan

Patrick “Dutch” Van Oosterom

Jim “Yankee Jim” Simchera


To obtain a 327th Infantry e-mail address, please click HERE.



The Badge of Glory
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Bastogne   Vietnam

327th Glider Infantry Regiment WWII Unit History: The 327th GIR was formed at Camp Claiborne Louisiana August 15, 1942. They arrived in the ETO on September 15, 1943 and entered combat on June 6, 1944. The men spent 214 days in combat.


In memory of our fallen comrades . . .The 327th Infantry Memorial was dedicated in 1988.

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1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division These pages tell the stories of the men from the 1st Battalion, the places they fought and the far away places where some of them died. There are stories from foxholes, helicopters, the jungle, the mud, the heat, and the rain. Some stories are funny, some are heartrending.


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