1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment of the Airborne Division
327th Infantry Regiment Roger Morris Photo's 327th Infantry Regiment


Pictures were submitted by Roger Morris


SSG Roger Morris, front, second from left
SSG Earl Gautney, KIA 10/23/67 front, left
Need help with names for the rest.


Any help with names would be appreciated, Roger Morris.
The ones I remember are:

Front Row kneeling, left to right:
# 5
Roberto Campos # 6 Coyne # 11 Gormley

Second Row Standing, left to right:
# 1 SFC Fransisco Valley, KIA Mar 12, 68,  # 2 SSG Herns  # 4 Willie Green
# 6 Hillibilly Jones, WIA, # 7 John Ahern, KIA Mar 16, 68 # 14 SSG Roger Morris

Third Row Standing, left to right:
# 1 Phillip Pratt # 6 Teel # 10 SSG Turner?


Standing left to right: Val Teal, John Toberman,
Charlie Husale, Roger Morris, Fred Calhoon, Kneeling:
Pete Cippola, Larry Hubert, Roy Aguara (Aug 68)