1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment of the Airborne Division
327th Infantry Regiment Billy R. Robbins 327th Infantry Regiment

Billy R. Robbins

ABU Company '65/'66





Billy R. Robbins
(Nickname -- One Zero)




I was a boat trooper -- Leroy Eltinge        
Jump school at Ft Campbell Jan 1958;  
RECONDO graduate April 1960 at Campbell;
Master Parachutist Badge;
Pitched 6 years for the 327 baseball team;
Spent 7 years in ABU Company;
Was a Staff Sgt, M60- squad leader in VN, Abu Company, 1-327;
Attended OCS at Ft. Benning in 1968; 
Was an instructor in the US Army's Ranger Department at Ft. Benning for a year as a 2Lt.;
Second tour of duty in S VN as a recon platoon Ldr, 1-20 BN, 11th Bde, 23 Inf Div (Americal
Div) June 69 to Nov 69 -- then as 1Lt, Coordinator of the Kit Carson Scout School, Chu Lai,
Americal Div;
Silver Star, Arcom W/V Device, and Legion of Merit;
Retired after 30 years as a LTC. Wrote a book about Abu Company at Campbell, and in S VN; Preparing to write another book about ABU Company at Campbell and South Vietnam -- need more stories and photos from 1-327 troopers -- pass the word.