2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division
327th Infantry Regiment 2/327th Infantry "No Slack" Vietnam 327th Infantry Regiment
When the going gets tough and you need someone to depend on, the 101st Airborne 327th Infantry, 2nd Battalion is "Second To None".



These pages tell the stories of the men from the 2nd Battalion, the places they fought and the far away places where some of them died. There are stories from foxholes, helicopters, the jungle, the mud, the heat, and the rain. Some stories are funny, some are heartrending.


Christmas '65
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Christmas 1965

Top Row (L-R): LT Hess, LT Lloyd, Unk, LT Johnson, Unk, LT Andrews, LT Woods, LT Davis, LT Sierra, LT Ecklund. Middle Row (L-R): Mr. Carmody, Unk, CPT Mortenson, LT Hutchins, LT Towers, LT Roberts, LT Appuzzio, LT Price, LT Johnson, Unk. Bottom Row (L-R): LT Shepard, replacement 1st CAV, CPT Buchanan, replacement 1st CAV, LT Owens, MAJ Dyke, LTC Garten, LT Chritenson, LT Degraft, LT Hudson, LT Lehowicz, Unk, Chaplain (CPT) Harlee

No breather from work-No relief from combat-No request for respite-NO SLACK


This website is also the gathering place for the men and their families to get together and go over past times, get healing for wounds, help others to heal...and just to have some good old fashioned fun times. If you served and you haven't been to one of our reunions, you are missing out on some real good times. If you just need some research for a class project, we trust we have helped your comprehension of our place in history.

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No Slack Xmas in Kontum, 1966
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No Slack Xmas in Kontum, 1966

1st Row:
Left, W. Charleton, 3rd from left: CSM P. Bacerra, 4th, J. Moody; Last: 1SG Benson, Co C


2d row: Left: “No Slack Quack”, 2d, R. Schonberger, 3d, J. Simpson, 4th, (kneeling) 1SG Peplow HHC; 5th, J. Gilbeaux, XO; 6th, J. Wasco, Bn Cdr, call sign: “Wild Gypsy”; 7th, R. Damrill, 8th T. Gesulga


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Battalion Greeting Card

Battalion Greeting Card

LTC Don Rosenblum (Ret LTG), Call Sign "Thunderball" commanded No Slack 10 Jan '67 - 12 May '67
LTC Edmond P. Abood, Call Sign "Black Panther" commanded May - Sep '67



NFS officers taken at Phan Rang (our Bde base camp) in Feb 1967
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Photo of the NFS officers taken at Phan Rang (our Bde base camp) in Feb 1967. The Bde had flown down from Xmas in the central highlands operating out of Kontum, to Phan Rang, where we stood down for farewells to our outgoing Bde Cdr, Willard Pearson

1st row (L to R): T. Furgeson, S-1; J. Rafferty, S-2; R. Damrill, S-3; M. Rosenstein, XO; J. Simpson, S-4; D. Finnegan, S-5; R. Heim, Chaplain


2d row: (L to R): Left, J. Dorsey; 4th from left, R. Davis; Last, W. Charleton, Medic/S-1


3rd row: (L to R): 4th from left, P. Pepper, Co A; 5th, R. Schonberger, HHC; 6th, W. Rovan, Co A; 7th, D. Rosenblum, Bn Cdr, call sign: Thunderball; 8th, R. Rondiak, Co B; 9th, F. Hilliard, Co C

Dick Schonberger


The No Slack Battalion's Commanding Officer back in 1968, "Chargin' Charlie" Beckwith. Charger went on in later years to form up the Army's elite, "Delta Force."








No Slack Sign
Spring of 1968
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Chargin' Charlie Beckwith


To see a brief history of the 327th Infantry click on this link to be brought to the page. For the story of how the No Slack came about follow this link.

Camp Eagle late '70 or early '71  
Camp Eagle late '70 or early '71
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Jack Branch and NS Sign
A Co's Jack Branch and the
new battalion sign in '70 - '71

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No Slack Sign 1970-1971
John Bowman – 42nd IPSD 1970 handler

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