327th Infantry

Bastogne BuldogsThe 327th Infantry Regiment has a long and glorious history dating back to its inception in the First World War. The men and now women of this regiment have been proud to serve their country in peacetime and in war. For a sneak preview of the History of the Screaming Eagles, click HERE.

These pages have been created to show the history of the regiment with its deployments in World War I and II, Vietnam, Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and the current day Iraq and Afganistan. We will continue on with the 327th in peacetime or into any future deployments, as they become necessary to protect the freedom of our country and others.

Our troop’s pages in the Active Duty section portray the narrative of past and current events written by the troops themselves as they chronicle their stories and time in history.

The content for this site is provided by both the active duty personnel and Vietnam veterans of the 101st Airborne 327th Infantry Regiment as well as the 101st Abn Div Association… through the generations.

An Invitation to Our 327th Infantry Brothers – click HERE

The Club – The Monthly Newsletter of the Bastogne Brigade

The Club – Volume II, Issue 1 February 2014
The Club – Volume II, Issue 2 March 2014

The Wallet  – read the story (PDF)
Part 1 – Dennis Sheridan
Part 2 – Keith Young
Part 3 – David Gramling
Part 4 – Patrick Roush


Gathering of Eagles to protect Vietnam Veterans Wall


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327th Infantry Regiment – THROUGH THE GENERATIONS!