Yankee Jim Simcherra WOE 2009 Photos

WOE 2009

Contributed by Yankee Jim Simcherra

SSGT Tiffany & SSGT Peter Bjorklund with Patti and YJ Simcherra

Dennis Sheridan, YJ with NS6 LTC JB Vowel and NS7, CSM Chris Fields and most of No Slack Command

Dewey Smith, David J. Markham, Col. Poppas, Yankee Jim

Dennis Sheridan, Lou McDonald and Yankee Jim

Vets Invited by MG Campbell to review Troops

1st BCT Passes in Review

1st BCT Passes in Review

No Slack passes in Review

No Slack passes in Review

Joe Bossi (current uniform), his son Joe (WWII Uniform) & Joe’s baby, a 1942 Jeep.
The Jeep is in perfect condition with all original gear, radio etc and under cover is a 30 Cal, air cooled, LMG.

NS! 6, JB Vowel on the left, his staff and No Slack Vets with ATR Vet David J. Markham

NS! 6 & 7, taken after 6 received his new Patrol Cap

NS! 7, CSM Chris Fields and YJ Chris is showing off his new Patrol Cap

Mr. Lincoln