327th INFANTRY – History – World War I

The 327th Infantry Regiment of the 164th Infantry Brigade was organized in the Regular Army as part of the 82nd Infantry Division on 17 September 1917 at Fort Gordon, Georgia. After training rapidly, the Division embarked to northern France, arriving in early spring, 1918. The 327th Infantry moved on line at the end of summer making it one of the first American units to see combat at St. Mihiel. This was the first operation in World War I conducted entirely by American forces. The Regiment then occupied defensive positions on the Lorraine Front in eastern France.

The final allied offensive, in November, found the 327th Infantry engaging in the great Meuse – Argonne offensive before any other unit in the Division. The 327th Infantry Regiment took a prominent part in the operation leading the flank attack on the Foret de Argonne and the attack north of Sommerance.

The 327th was the first unit of the American Expeditionary Force to reach and pierce the formidable Kriemhilde Stellung (the Ger-man’s third and final defensive line on the Western Front). With the termination of the “war to end all wars” the Regiment was demobilized on 25 May 1919, and the reconstituted in the organized reserves in December 1921. It remained in this status until the outbreak of World War II.


Order of Battle – American Forces – World War I
Eighty-Second Division (National Army)

Known as the “All American Division“. Insignia, the letters “A A” in gold on a circle of blue, the whole superimposed on a red square. Organized Aug. 25, 1917, at Camp Gordon, Ga. The majority of officers were from Georgia, Alabama and Florida. The enlisted men were from Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. On Oct. 10th the majority of the enlisted men were transferred out of the division to other divisions and newly drafted men were sent from Camps Devens, Upton, Dix, Meade and Lee, which resulted in there being in the division, men from every state in the Union, but principally the eastern states. The division began leaving Camp Gordon on April 9th, the movement continuing until May, and was through Camp Upton and England, except the artillery which landed in France. The first units left the United States April 25, 1918, and the last units arrived in France June 1, 1918. The main port of entry was Le Havre. Units, except artillery, engineers and signal corps, trained with the British in Escarbotin area, west of Abbeville. The artillery was trained at La Courtine.

legAAgoldPatch for the 82nd Division from which the 327th Infantry Regiment was formed during WWI

The division left Escarbotin June 16th and entered the Toul sector with a French Division on June 27th, occupied this quiet sector alone from July 18, 1918 to Aug. 9th, moved to Blanod les Toul training area, taking over the Sector Marbache, astride the Moselle on Aug. 19th and occupied it until Sept. 21st. This was a quiet sector except during the battle of St. Mihiel from Sept. 12th to 18th. Moved to the Thiaucourt area, west of Verdun by bus, and on Oct. 6th entered actively the Meuse- Argeonne offensive, north of Varennes, continued in this offensive until Oct. 30th, when it was withdrawn to the vicinity of Chene Tondu and Camp Bouzon. Thence on Nov. 2nd to Florent-Les Islettes area, thence to Vaucouleurs training area, Nov. 4th, Beaumont training area, Nov. 10th and to the tenth training area, on Nov. 15th (Prauthoy). Sailed from Bordeaux in April 1919.

Casualties: 8,300, of which 169 were prisoners of war. Distinguished Service Crosses awarded 34.

Commanding generals: Maj-Gen. Eben Swift, Aug. 25, 1917 to May, 1918; Brig. Gen. Wm. P. Burnham , May to Oct. 10, 1918; Maj. Gen. Geo. B. Duncan, Oct. 10 to Oct. 17, 1918; Maj. Gen. Wm. P. Burnham, Oct. 24 to Nov. 7, 1918; Maj. Gen. Geo. B. Duncan Nov. 7 to 11, 1918.

The following units composed the division: 163d, 164th Inf. Brig., 325th, 326th, 327th, 328th Inf. Regts., 319th, 320th, 321st Machine Gun Bns., 157th Arty. Brig., 319th, 320th, 321st Arty Regts., 307th Trench Mortar Battery, 307th Engr. Regt. And Train, 307th Train Hqs. And M.P. 307th Fld Sig. Bn., 307th Supply Train, 307th Amm. Train, 307th Sanitary Train (325th, 326th, 327th, 328th Ambulance Companies and Field Hospitals.

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