Theses pages were created for the members of the 327th Infantry to submit their stories and remembrances of their life in their Infantry. We are looking for reports from today’s Army as well as the veterans from prior times.

If you have a report handed down from a grandparent or uncle of the First World War and Second World War then this is the place to let it be known and remembered. First person reports from Vietnam, Desert Storm and Iraq are of a certainty most welcome.

This website is dedicated to all of the men or women of the 327th Infantry, and who have been a participant of any engagement or peacetime activity of the regiment.

Please send your reports to [email protected] and they will be reviewed and if appropriate will be published on these pages.

Please adhere to the following guidelines for submitting a report:

Any identifiable information such as name, rank; location of the story and photos should always be listed.

Always base your stories on facts. Over time memories have faded some, but any story that is intentionally false and misleading will be removed.

Photo Format: Please submit at least 1 but not more than 2 images with your report.

Please change your images to a .JPG format (not JPEG)! If you don’t know how to do that then send it as-is.

Photo Images: Please Do Not send in your stories with photos embedded within your word processor’s word document files. Send the images separate from the word document and attach both to your email.

Captions: In your email, write a brief caption about each photo, linking it to the number of the photo (see naming conventions below). Please do not: put captions on the photos, size, and crop, colorize, optimize, or do anything to the image except scan it!

Photo naming conventions: You can help us not mix up your photos with other submitted photos (stuff happens) by renaming each of your images to contain your name! If you really want to help you can rename the images using the following format: “base-name-your-name-001.jpg” (Example: Iraq-john-smith-001.jpg). Easy enough and this will really help us time-wise as we have to do this to your photos regardless. Be sure to reference your email captions to that new image name, such as, “iraq-john-smith-001.jpg john smith showing his muscles and tan.”