Charles (Ron) R. Harper

HHC Company 1967-1968
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Harper, Charles (Ron) R.
Jump school: Nov 66 42nd Company
82nd ABN Div:  Nov 66-Jul 67
2/327: Aug 67-Aug 68

Radio Operator O5B/O5C, Staff Sergeant Blackmon was NCOIC Comm unit HHC  “Godzilla” was 1st Sergeant.  No CIB  (comm MOS) No Ranger School. Spent 5 years on Jump Status in USAF with the JCSE, US Readiness Command, Macdill AFB Fl. Member of QRE and RDJTF Teams. Also worked with SOTFE. 5 jumps in jump school, 5 jumps in 82nd, and 147 jumps with JCSE. Jumped with both Bats of Rangers 12 times.