Frank Hensley

ECHO Company

I entered the Army ( volunteered ) for 11B on 10 Sep 68.
Before RVN, I was selected to be an instructor for Escape & Evasion; Patrolling; and Boobytraps while at Fort Dix.  From Mar 69 to Jul 69 I had a blast being an Acting Corporal and teaching, especially playing with boobytraps.  That prepared me for walking point a lot during my first tour.   
  My 1st tour in RVN was with the 11th Light Infantry Bde of the Americal Div.  ( Southern I Corps )
My 2nd tour started with the 1/327th and ended with the 2/501st.  We brought the Colors home to Ft Campbell.I stayed a 11B and made SSG at Ft Campbell in 1973 where I was a Platoon Sgt for 2nd Plt, Co C, 1st Bn 501st Inf, 101st AB Div.  
My cousin Danny Hensley was leaving the 327th as I was coming in. 
I volunteered for 97B Counterintelligence Special Agent in Dec 1976.I had my first duty station as a CI Agent was at Ft Hood, TX from May 77 to Aug 78.
I volunteered for overseas duty with the 650th MI Gp and got assigned there in Sep 78.
In Oct 79 my partner & I did the investigation of the attempted assassination of General Haig, the SACEUR.  
I spent 13 years with the 650th MI Gp ( 3yrs at SHAPE, Belgium & 10 yrs at HQ AFCENT, Brunssum, The Netherlands.)I volunteered for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Training before I went to AFCENT.  Seven months of math & electronics!
I retired from the US Army in Netherlands in Oct 91 and went to work for the Boeing Company and then the US State Dept.  I made SFC in Belgium. I was selected for MSG in the Netherlands, but elected to go Warrant Officer instead.  I was appointed directly to CW2 and was selected early for CW3.   I spent 16 years as enlisted and 7 as a Chief Warrant Officer.  My CI career was better than any spy novel.  Although I enjoyed being a Grunt, my abilities were better served as a CI Special Agent.
The MOS for CI Agent has changed at least 3 times since 1985.  I haven’t checked on what it is today.