2011 Photos

Mike Kirgis

A-2/327’s Michigan Mike Kirgis and Mighty Buck

Bynum Memorial

Dale “Hannibal” Hansen (L) and Dennis Sheridan at the Memorial held
for Bobby Bynum (E-2/327) at the National Cemetery in Dallas, Texas.


Sierra and Wayne Gaskins enjoying Thanksgiving with Patti
and Yankee Jim Simchera.

Sick Call – Mel Valentine

L-R: Ron Aubuchon, Mel Valentine and Jim Webb C-2/327.
Other than knowing he (Mel) has cancer and his loss of voice one would not know he is ill.

No Slackers

Yankee Jim, Wayne Gaskins & Ranger Tom Carpenter 10-9-11

101st to the rescue

Our Web Site Provider’s (Ian) granddaughter and son:
“My granddaughter was at the zoo and we forgot her cap … she wore grandpa’s. The 101st to the rescue once again! 🙂
The young fella is my son … did his time in the Canadian Army a few years back.”

The “Duck” and Rich

Meet up with Danny (Duck) Pitman and Rich Walsh . . . 1967 C-2/327 No Slack Brothers