2012 Photos

B Company 2/327

L-R: Richard Zielinski, Steve Brogdon, Tony Teofilak and Lloyd “Angel” King at the Crossville Reunion 2012.

Nashville Reunion

B-2/327’s Wade Hansen and his wife Vonnie attending the 2012 Division Reunion in Nashville.

ABU Steve

1969 A-1/327’s Steve Reynolds and his wife Pat

B-2/327 Reunion

L-R: “Rusty” Adams, “Anything” Bressler and “Red” Haufschild
June 2012 in Oregon

Red & Rusty

B-2/327’s (68-69) Bob “Red” Haufschild (R) and Porter
“Rusty” Adams 43 years later at the 2011 Cobra Reunion


Yankee Jim snags a couple of 16 inch’rs, HUA!

B-1/327 Reunion

This past weekend was able to reconnect with Pat Payne (R), last saw him 46 years ago when I left Vietnam. Pat and I served together in the same squad in the same platoon in B 1/327. 10 days after me leaving Vietnam my platoon got zapped by the 95th NVA Regiment, Pat and another member of the platoon both received the DSC for their bravery that day.
John Pagel

Crossville 2012

Early Arrivals for the Cobra Reunion

Trout Fishin’

A-2/327’s Dennis Sheridan gets a fishin’ tip from Yankee Jim

Fort Hood

Fort Hood Welcomes Vietnam Vets Mickey Allums (Tiger Force) and Dennis Sheridan (A-2/327)

A Co. NS Reunion

L-R: Frank Seeman, Dennis Sheridan and Nick Vular during the A-2/327 Reunion in April 2012

Patti & Yankee Jim

Patti & Yankee Jim 4-29-12