2014 Photos

Stroeing & Hernandez

Delta’s No Slack Dan Stroeing (L) and Humberto Hernandez

Cottage Bastogne

CSM (Ret) Joe Bossi and friends in front of
Cottage Bastogne

The “Ducks”

Bastogne’s Honorary Members of the Regiment,
“The Ducks,” pose along side CSM (Ret) Joe Bossi

John Coleman’s Funeral

A-2/327’s Alva Shirley and Dennis Sheridan attending John Coleman’s Funeral.


Jeff England (L) and Chris Fields enjoy a cup at a recent No Slack Reunion.

V.F.W. in Sheffield, PA. Hometown for M.O.H. John G. Gertsch

Pati Leggate in V.F.W. looking with love at her Brother, John G. Gertsch

Memorial in Sheffield, PA. Hometown for M.O.H. John G. Gertsch

Dave and Cathy Markham at M.O.H. John

Pati and Dick Leggate at M.O.H. John Gertsch Memorial

Bill’s Trout

A-2/327’s Bill Beasley wearin’ out the trout at Yankee Jim’s 10.10.14.

Settin’ the hook

Mouse with a fine lookin’ catch!

Nice Mess

1st Platoon Alpha No Slackers Bill Beasley and Mouse Hammond 8.20.14.

Trout Fishin’

Yankee Jim snags a coupla more.


C-2/327’s Richard Walsh – AT THE NATIONAL CONVENTION IN VAGAS………….


Mouse’s first stringer of Trout 6.10.14. He was fishin’ with Yankee Jim in Tennessee.

Alan Cipriani

Alan Bradley Cipriani – from Albuquerque NM.
Born February 25, 1948
Arrived in Vietnam May 11, 1967
Killed in Action May 29, 1967
A Company 1/327th Inf. 101st Airborne Division – U.S. Army
This photo was taken of me, Dan R. Clint May 28, 2014 at Alan Cipriani’s grave, at the National Cemetery in Santa Fe New Mexico. It is now 47 years since I last saw Cipriani alive. We both went to A Company from Phan Rang together. Fate is the game that is played out independent of our seeming control. Could the life forces have switched these two men’s fates, where Cipriani could be standing over my grave instead?
Today is May 29th, 2014, a few days after Memorial Day, 2014. I honor Cipriani and acknowledge all of our loss with the loss of this one good man, this paratrooper, this man who stepped up and did his nation’s beckoning with his own personal interests put in abeyance. He joined us his fellow soldiers and friends in taking his chances and serving with us, with the hope of doing some good. Part of the element that makes life sweet is that it doesn’t last forever, and for those of us who have lived this bit longer, who can understand more of the measure of what was lost, for his parents and other family, for those who cared for and raised this man, appreciated him, marveled at what he had become in his few short years- there are no tears quite deep enough to assuage the sorrow.
10 days in the field, and you took the bullet that may have gone to someone else had you not been there.
Cipriani, this is to say, you are honored and you are not forgotten.

A-2/327 Reunion 2014

A Co No Slack Reunion photo taken 4.25.14 at Country Tonight, Pigeon Forge, TN

47 year Brotherly Bond

R-L: Sgt. Doc Bill Tay, Doc’s wife Elaine, Sgt. Gregg Granado, Gregg’s wife Barbara, annnn Sgt. Rick “Wild Bill” Smith.
We could have never Dreamed 47 years ago in those jungles we would be setting here enjoying breaking bread and enjoying each others company!
That’s a 47 year Brotherly Bond and Friendship that Never Ends!

Mouse & Yankee Jim

Mouse and Yankee Jim 3-7-14

Pinned 3

L-R: Mayor of Boston, MA., Rich Walsh, Rich’s grandson, Fire Commissioner and Rich’s son.
All three Walsh’s are veterans. Rich’s son was in the Iraq War in 1990 and his
grandson was in Iraq in 2012. Rich . . . was with us (C-2/327).

Dallas USO holds sendoff for Kilimanjaro Warriors at DFW 2/7/14

L-R: Karen Stewart, Sharon Dietz, Ronna Conley, Dennis Sheridan, Jodi Sorenson, Cindy Gonzales, Patty Marking, Joe Nedley