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327th Veterans — 327th REGIMENTAL Scholarship

From: Fred Ranck [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, January 9, 2017 9:41 AM
Subject: 327th Regimental Scholarship for August 2017

327th Regimental Veterans:

Need your able assistance.

1.       Thanks to a good Scholarship Raffle at last year’s Regimental Dinner, we already have in hand $187 and $500 in interest earnings from our invested 327th Scholarship fund for a total of $ 687 so far.

We need donations for the 327th Named Scholarship to be awarded August 2017 at the Annual Reunion in Nashville to get us up to a 327th Regimental Named Scholarship of at least $1,500 and better yet, $2,000; your help is needed.

Last year at the 2016 August Reunion in Norfolk, we awarded a scholarship in the name of the 327th Regiment in memory of CSM Joe Bossi and at 2015 August Reunion in Nashville, we were able to scrape together a total of $2,000 for our 327th Regimental Scholarship.

Please be sure to identify your donation to the Screaming Eagle Foundation as to the 327th Named Scholarship for August 2016.

2.       Who would you suggest that we made our 327th Regimental Scholarship in the name of for this year’s 327th Regimental Scholarship?

In 2013 we named SSG John Gertsch, Tiger Force,
in 2014 we named Sgt Joe Artavia of A, 1/327th,
in 2015 we named Cpt Christopher Seifert, and
in 2016 we named CSM Joe Bossi

Fred Ranck
Junior Alternate Governor