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ABU 1/327thThis is the ABU that hangs in the current day room for the ABU 1/327th

ABU 1/327thThis is an older version that we think represents the Vietnam era ABU’s 1/327th

Not sure which one is better looking!

A Little “ABU” History, contributed by SFC Timothy Archer

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The photo pages below were sent in by “ABU” Troopers or their families as listed.

A while back I received an e-mail from a guy that collects WWI & WWII Photos. In an Estate Sale he came across a bunch of pictures from ABU in ’67. He searched the Internet and decided to offer them to us rather than tossing them. I have them now, scanned and have written down the caption from the back of the pictures. Since this is 1st Bat I figured David J.would like to post.

Dale “Hannibal” Hansen

ABU’s in ’67
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  • 1st Platoon – Tommy M. Keller
  • Tommy M. Keller
  • Jerry Hankins
  • Lloyd Frasier
  • Tom Foster
  • Jungle Jim Grainger 1
  • Linda & Steve Patterson
  • Bo Wright
  • Claude Frisbie
  • Gordy “Doc” Nelson
  • Mil Thornton
  • Steve Pohancek
  • Dennis O’Neill
  • William (Chief) S. Fehlhaber
  • Ron Deal
  • Frank Torre
  • James D. Baker
  • James Evans
  • Rene Aries
  • Alonzo Martinez
  • Larry “Stubby” Stutts
  • Larry Stangland
  • Fred Ranck
  • James “Jamie” Baygents
  • Mike Carretero
  • Bill Walker
  • Don “Doc Magoo” Ackerman
  • Mark G. Kunkel
  • Paul Ferrante
  • Lynn Gossard
  • Dave Huey
  • James Worth
  • Don McKinley
  • Roger Huffman
  • More ABU Photo’s
  • Doug Larabel
  • James Storrie
  • Michael “Doc” Ainsworth
  • Gilbert Benshoof
  • Paul Shaffer
  • James Davis
  • Steve Black
  • Robert Gunter
  • Jim Bereitschaft
  • William “Wild Bill” Smith
  • San Mateo 2006 Reunion 1
    Wild Bill Smith
  • San Mateo 2006 Reunion 2
    Wild Bill Smith
  • Photo’s from San Mateo Homecoming
  • Greg Pennington
  • Thomas J. Bagnell
  • Jose M. Gonsalves-Cardona (Doc Speedy)
  • Greg Granado
  • Bob Slavik
  • John Lecsher