Alfred Juarez

ABU Company ’67/’68


Alfred Juarez came to ABU 1st. Plt. in June 67 we became close friends as He and I were on the gun humping that can of ammo. You know how it is when you are a F.N.G. Sometime around April 68 Alfred was shot in the back and sent home. I didn’t hear from him after he went home. About four years ago I found out what happened to him. His wife told me he came home in a wheel chair but never gave up the fight till the end. Alfred died in Nov. 1981 due to complications from his injuries received in Viet Nam. Alfred was a great friend and a true eagle. He will live in my heart and mind forever.

Bill Bennett

alfred_juarez_lgLeft to right;
Hawkins, Juarez and Peanut is behind Juarez. Picture taken at Christmas 67 stand down.
Photo was taken by Jerry Hankins.