Alonzo “Marty” Martinez

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I joined the Army in 1966. Served in Vietnam 1967-1968, was involved in the Mother’s Day Hill Battle. Searching for the group picture taken of us prior to the Mother’s Day Hill Battle. I think that the group picture posted on your website is of soldiers after the battle–seems to me I could be wrong. My nickname is “Marty” so some guys might know me by that.

After Vietnam, I was sent to a town near Stuttgart, Germany with 58th Infantry LRRP. After 6 months in Germany came back to the states and was with Company B (Ranger) 75th Infantry at Ft. Carson.

I have no group pictures but found one on your website This was posted by “Doug Larabel” I am the one standing in the middle behind the flag guys (fifth from the right).

Alonzo%20MartinezMarty before Jump School

Yr%202012%20Alonzo%20&%20RitalgRita & Alonzo