Billy R. Robbins

ABU Company ’65/’66

billyrobbinsBilly R. Robbins
(Nickname — One Zero)

I was a boat trooper — Leroy Eltinge
Jump school at Ft Campbell Jan 1958;
RECONDO graduate April 1960 at Campbell;
Master Parachutist Badge;
Pitched 6 years for the 327 baseball team;
Spent 7 years in ABU Company;
Was a Staff Sgt, M60- squad leader in VN, Abu Company, 1-327;
Attended OCS at Ft. Benning in 1968;
Was an instructor in the US Army’s Ranger Department at Ft. Benning for a year as a 2Lt.;
Second tour of duty in S VN as a recon platoon Ldr, 1-20 BN, 11th Bde, 23 Inf Div (Americal
Div) June 69 to Nov 69 — then as 1Lt, Coordinator of the Kit Carson Scout School, Chu Lai,
Americal Div;
Silver Star, Arcom W/V Device, and Legion of Merit;
Retired after 30 years as a LTC. Wrote a book about Abu Company at Campbell, and in S VN; Preparing to write another book about ABU Company at Campbell and South Vietnam — need more stories and photos from 1-327 troopers — pass the word.


Its with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of the Head ABU and leader of the ABU Nation Billy R. Robbins. He passed away at approximately 5:00 AM this morning after a hard fight with Cancer.
ABU Billy fought a very hard battle “All the Way,” and I’m grateful he no longer suffers. Billy was an instrumental force in bringing ABU’s from all era’s together and gathering them at reunions. Lifted aloft by Angels Billy will now muster and attend the greatest reunion ever of Screaming Eagles and ABU’s for everlasting peace.
I’m forever grateful for ABU Rocky Ryan and his daughter Mary Jo for all their support of Billy during his troubling times of Hospice. No person should pass away alone, especially a Veteran, Screaming Eagle and an Above the Rest Abu. I told Billy that Rocky has gone full circle by starting off as PSG Humphries RTO  back in the 60’s and Vietnam to becoming Billy’s RTO during his illness. Billy was very pleased with that and I’m sure their presence  gave him much needed comfort and support. In typical ABU fashion  and demonstrated performance Rocky and Mary Jo we are all ever so grateful.

ABU,  Galen Mitchell