David Snyder

ABU Company ’61/’66
[email protected]


I spent 11 yrs in the Service. I went to jump school at Ft. Bragg and was with the 540 82nd . Went to Germany to the 11th Airborne Div. 504, then transferred to the 187. Went to Beirut with them.

When The 11th broke up I was in the 24th Inf. Div , 21st Airborne Inf. In 1961 I went to Ft. Campbell, Ky. to 101st Airborne 1/ 327 Co. A. Went to Vietnam with the Division in 1965, came home in 1966. Was discharged Oakland Calif. as a S/Sgt. E-6 .

I went to work for The Dupont Co. In Waynesboro, Va. In 1966 and Retired from there in 1996 with 30 yr. service.

I’m Married to a wonderful wife and her name is Patsy. I have three Children 2 boys and a girl, 5 step children, and 6 grandchildren, 8 step grandchildren.

I’m the Commander of Post 340 of The American Legion, and Chaplin of VFW Post 2424.

Life has been good for. Except for loosing 2 wives to Cancer I wouldn’t change a thing.

I just turned 64 in Sept.

Airborne All The Way…….. David Snyder