Don “Doc Magoo” Ackerman

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I was assigned to HHC in 5/68 to 1/70. Served with Tigers for about 6 wks (to 6/19 wounded), when I came back from the hospital went to ABU Company till sometime in June or July of 69, then went to TOC aide stations. From there I went out in the field as a replacement medic to all companies (A,B,C,D Tigers) when one of the other medics went on R&R, etc., (wounded). Went back out to Tigers (with LT. Cook) until Christmas 69. Then left 1/327 went to a hospital in Long Bein where I etsed in August of 70.

Don AckermanFeb.3rd,1969 by John Neely. Me (Don Ackerman) Ken Nance next to me (top of head anyway) MG Melvin Zais, LTC Raymond (Big Daddy) Smith at Camp Eagle and the good men of ABU’S in background.

Doc Magoo and Doc Wendell1/327th Mess Hall area Camp Eagle
Doc Magoo and Doc Wendell

Don "Doc Magoo" AckermanDon “Doc Magoo” Ackerman