Don McKinley

ABU Company ’67-7/’68
[email protected]

Joined the Army July 1965
Basic and AIT @ Fort Polk, LA July – Nov 1965
Jump school @ Fort Benning , GA Nov – Dec 1965
Special Forces Training Smoke Bomb Hill Fort Bragg , NC 1966
HQ Co. 3/187 Fort Campbell , KY 1967
Went to Vietnam with Division Dec. 1967 with HQ Co. 3/187 Dec. 1967
Assigned to A Co. 1/327 Feb. 1968.
Wounded July 29, 1968 on hill that would become a Fire Base Zon.  I was known as “Big Mac” while in the army as still use the handle when corresponding with my brothers.
Hospitalized, Field hospital God knows where,
Transferred to Da Nang for 8 or 9 days,
Transferred to 106 hospital in Japan for 6 weeks,
Transferred to Fort Sam Huston until out Nov. 1968
CIB, Bronze Star, ARCOM, and Purple Heart awarded in Vietnam 1968.   I met my wife Marti in Boulder, Colorado in Oct. 1969 and we were married April 18, 1970. We moved to Canada in 1971, had a son, Shea in 1973. Marti has put up with me for 32 years now so I guess she’s a keeper.
Occupation:  I am retired from my career of using explosives in the oil field.  Marti and I went to our first reunion in 2001 which was the last one in Virginia and although we can’t make it every year, I will make it as often as often as I can.