Donald Dennis

ABU/HHQ/Tigers Companies 12/65-3/68
[email protected]


Married 6 years to Cristina.
Arrived in Nam at Tent City Saigon on Dec.15 ’65 assigned to 1/327th H&HC 15 Jan. ’66, then to Abu Co. on May of ’66, then back to H&HC 7 Dec ’66.

Became a Tiger Force member on April 30 1967.
I left Nam on 02 July ’67 , back in Nam with Co. D 1/502 on Dec. ’67.

Wounded on 9 June 1966, 3 Jan. 1968 & 3 March 1968.

All these dates are taken from my Military Records. I certainly could not remember them. I suffer from CRS.

Now live in Mexico. Enjoy Traveling. I don’t remember many names but do recalled faces and events. So! If you know me say hello!