Douglas Larabel

ABU Company 4/67-1/68
[email protected]


Drafted in Sept 65, after A.I.T. as a field wire man and jump school, I was stationed at Ft. Bragg. I was then sent to Vietnam in Jan of 67 to the 101st where I was with B co 501st Signal Bn.

While stringing wire to a BN switch board , I watched a chopper load of Grunts unloading, all were dirty with a growth of whiskers and looking cool, that is when I met 1st Sgt Dayoc who gave me a letter of acceptance, my commander allowed me to transfer and changed my MOS to 11B. I was assigned to ABU May 67 I left them in Jan 68, went to Germany with the 509th, until Dec 68 when I re-upped to go back to Nam.

I was assigned to E troop 17th Cav 173 ABN until Dec 69 .
I returned to Vietnam for my third tour in Mar 71, with C co 503 inf 173rd until they stood down to return to the states. I still had about 6 months left on that tour so I was sent to the 3rd 187th back with the 101st.

I retired in 91, it was a good and wonderful career, I spent time in Alaska, Panama, Europe, Ft. Drum, Campbell, Riley, Knox, Gordon, Benning, and Ft Bliss to name a few. I was a grunt, squad leader, plt. sgt, re-up nco, drill sgt. and instructor among other things.