Francis Filipski

ABU Company ’67-’70


Frank joined the Army in November 1966, he completed basic training with the 1st Training Brigade, “The Pacesetters” 3rd Battalion on January 20, 1967.

Frank graduated from Jump School at Fort Benning, Georgia on April 28, 1967. Class 34 – 43rd and 47th Companies.

Frank passed away on June 9 1995 after battling Agent Orange related illness’s for 15 years. Hardening of the Arteries left him paralyzed on his left side and had both of his legs amputated.

Anyone who knew Frank and would like to share a story or two with his daughter Veronica, she can be reach at [email protected]


Frank was in the Army for 10 years and served with several units, among them of course the 1/327th Infantry Regiment, 1st of the 34th Infantry (Germany), 2nd Infanty BN (AM) 8th Cav. 1st Cav Division and with a Training Company at Fort Dix N.J. as an assistant instructor.