Harvey Larry Wilson

ABU/TIGER Companies ’68
[email protected]


Graduated from Infantry Officer’s Candidate School and served 23 years in the US Army as an Airborne Infantry Officer and an Army Aviator retiring in 1988 as a Lieutenant Colonel.

31 months combat duty in the Republic of Vietnam with the 1st Battalion, Airborne, 327TH Infantry, 101ST Airborne Division and the 48th Assault Helicopter Company, 1st Aviation Brigade.

I served as the Platoon Leader of 1-A-1-327 in 1968. At the time I became Platoon Leader the Platoon Sergeant was one John Doyle. Later SSG Jerry Day became Platoon Sergeant.

I held that position until I was medevaced.

Left 1st Platoon, “ABU” company to join the “Tiger Force”.  LTC Sydnor appointing me to the position of “Tiger 6”.

Significant Awards:
Combat Infantry Badge (CIB)
Silver Star
Bronze Star for Valor
Bronze Star for Service, 4 awards
Meritorious Service Medal, 2 awards
Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Gold Star