John Standley

ABU Company
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John Standley
1st 327 1st plt

I was at the fight for ABU hill and remember that we had to fight uphill in a strong rain. As we were moving up the hill a small bit of grenade hit me in the right elbow. I thought my arm was really bad because it hurt like hell. I remember it was night and dark as all get out. I slid back down to where the medics were at and they looked at it and pulled it out and said get back up there. I went back up and again engaged with the rest of the platoon. Several of us made it up the hill but got separated from the rest of the platoon. I only remember Sgt Woods because as the two of us came back down the hill we ran into him with this injured Lt. He was also separated from the main body of troops and as we moved we picked up a lost radio man and another trooper who was in shock because we had to lead him. Sgt Woods called in with the radio and was told to move to a small creek and to follow it south to join up with the rest of the company. As we moved Sgt Woods fell over a cliff and really busted up his hand. He kept his cool and did lead us back to the rest of ABU co. We fought for two days there and then walked out by following the creek. The only name I remember is Sgt Woods because it was he who saved us with his strong leadership keeping his cool while wounded and in pain. I would like to know where he is and thank him because I never got the chance.