John T. Humphries

ABU Company ’65


John T. Humphries 1 Dec. 1929 – 26 Apr. 2007
A Co., 1/327 Abn. Inf.

John T. Humphries recently soared from the mandatory muster we all must answer up to. ” Jumping” John T. was an IBU and original ABU going back to 1952 whom also had a ABU tattooed on his left calf and was our Platoon Sergeant when deployed to Vietnam on the USS Eltinge in July 1965.

We were fortunate to have a leader with combat experience from the 187th Abn. Regimental Combat Team in Korea. As John T. honed our skills we became a fighting force to be reckoned with by our enemies.

“Jumping” John T. Humphries went from wings of Eagles to the wings of Angels on 26 Apr. 2007. May this great Eagle finally have found peace on a perch in heaven, that elusive peace that evades a soldier here on earth.

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23 July 2007
Sgt. Galen G. Mitchell
3rd Plat., ABU Co., 1/327 Abn. Inf.
101st Abn. Div.