Larry Farmer

ABU Company ’68


My name is Jeremy Farmer and my Uncle served in Alpha company 327 / 101st Airborne division.  His name was Larry Joe Farmer and was a platoon Sgt. in Vietnam during 1968.  My father found some pictures of Larry (his younger brother) on this website and I am startled and intrigued by the images, stories, and information that you and your friends have collected here.

There are two images of my Uncle below – one mentioning his unfortunate accident in Ft Bragg when home in early 1969.  One of the pictures mentions that he was wounded on December 10th, 1968.  He was killed on 2.14.1969 en route to duty on a motorcycle in NC. I was born on Ft Hood on the same day in 1979 and have always wondered about my Uncle.

The story goes that he reached out to my grandmother on Christmas of 1968 and told them he was home.  My father’s tour in Vietnam was over by this time and they had a chance to speak that same evening – however, nobody ever saw him after he left for Vietnam.  My father, Lloyd Farmer, was in the 1st Cavalry and found out that they were both in Vietnam at the same time.  I understand this broke a rule somewhere and my Dad spent many months searching for his brother while there, inquiring if he was okay.

Attached is an image of a zippo my Grandmother has of his –  I’ve been told Larry used the lighter to burn peanut butter and huts, etc…but the lighter also saved him from an enemy round while nestled in his shirt pocket.  A shirt similar to the one in the picture below, I’m sure.  I’ve read numerous accounts of the bravery displayed by the 327 when sorting through these medals and their accompanying battle overviews.  I’m just frustrated at the bits and pieces of information we have about him in the family and was just shocked that his buddies posted these pictures…remembered him…etc.

I guess what I was hoping is that maybe you by chance would have an email address for Don McKinley or Tom Foster available?  It seems they both submitted the images below and appeared to be buds with my uncle.  I wasn’t able to locate an email address for them and was just throwing a hail mary pass for any anecdotes, memories, or thoughts that might be out there.

Thank You for your service, your valor, and for sticking with each other through this website.  As a 34 year old – it is quite fascinating and I’ve lost several hours reading through the things you have collected here.  I can only hope this letter finds you well and that my interest offers you a chance to smile proudly.  Thank you for the website and God Bless.

Jeremy Farmer

Austin, TX

[email protected].