Mil Thornton

ABU Company 8/70-9/71
[email protected]


I found this site while planning for a motorcycle ride from California to the Vietnam memorial wall. I’ve been trying to locate others that I served with for many years. This is a great site.

I was with A company 1/327 1st platoon from Aug. of 1970 to Sept. of 1971, as an RTO the majority of the time. I have many memories that I would like to share with brother vets from the same battalion. Thanks for helping to fulfill a task that I have had for such a long time.

Looking forward to hearing from others.
Mil Thornton

mil_thorntonOn a houch, on one of the
firebases monitoring radios.

mil_thornton_2Mil, in the boonies somewhere, with his non regulation Australian boonie hat.