Patrick L. McMullin

ABU/HEADQUARTERS Companies ’65/’66
[email protected]


I was assigned to HHC 1/327 from Nov.65 to Jun.66 I with the 4.2 Plt. Spent a lot time with ABU as a extra rifle platoon when the 4duces were not used.

Later became 4duce FO when Sgt. Cristy DROSed. I left ABU and the Bde at Dak To after we were pulled back.

I still remember that long walk in the dark down the stream to the PZ to get the KIAs and WIAs out. Then the long walk back to BN logger site. I also remember Cpt. Willis rounding up two beers for us and sitting in a circle and downing them.

I would like to join Y’all from what Ive seen this is one hell of a site.
Pat McMullin