Richard Sautin

ABU Company 5/67-6/68



In doing research on my father I came across this website. He was in 1-327, 2nd Platoon, Company ABU from May 1967 to June 1968. His name was Richard Sautin and he died in 1972 at 25.

I have one photo of him in-country and I’ve enclosed it for you (see photo below). I was able to find him in one of the  photos provided by Joe Dayoc on your site.

I never knew my father. I was born in 1970 and placed for adoption.  I’ve had a lot of red tape that I’ve had to get through in the last year to even know who my father is.

On the site in photos from Joe Dayoc, Richard is in the 2nd photo, The photo caption says that he was an RTO for  a time.

In the obituary for my grandmother it stated that “She was preceded in death by her parents and a son, Richard who died in 1972 and had served in the US Army in Vietnam where he received the Bronze Star and 4 Purple Hearts”.  So I know he was wounded a several times, not badly enough to be sent home but enough to get an accommodation.

After his tour he had a business fixing up and reselling single engine airplanes.

So any memories, or really anything that anyone could remember would be nice.  I’m left trying to construct a very brief life, that was cut very short.

I am attaching  a newspaper clipping that  doesn’t mention him by name… but it does mention a few others who would have served with him.

Thank you so much!

Tracy Hammond
[email protected]