Robert Papesh

ABU Company
[email protected]


I was assigned to the First of the 506th from jump school in 1965 at FT. Campbell. Hand carried my transfer to the First brigade in October. Caught up to them in Phan Rang in December of 65. Was assigned to “Abu” Company of the First of the 327th Third Platoon. Received my first wound in Thuy Hoa in March of 66 got my last in Dak To in June of 66. That one sent me home and to an early retirement at 19 years old. I started off a rifleman and wound up a machine-gunner and squad leader before our little friend’s decided it was time for me to leave. Spent another 13 month’s in Valley Forge Army Hospital, till the Army retired me.

I went on to become a Structural Ironworker in my home town of Cleveland Ohio. Had two sons from my first marriage. Have a son and daughter from my second marriage and five grandsons and a granddaughter, with another on the way. Great second wife, she’s my best friend to, been together going on 19 years. I retired as a Ironworker 10 years ago, all those old broken bones take a toll. I’m 56 years old now but I will always be proud as hell to tell anyone I served with the best bunch of “paratroopers” in the world. The 101st. Airborne Division

Bob Papesh,
3rd Platoon, ABU 1st of the 327 65 -66