Roger Mike Barnes

ABU Company ’71/’72
[email protected]

I was transferred up from 1st Aviation Unit in IV Corps to ABU 101st in Sept./Oct. ’71 when the unit was in Danang.

After missions with ABU in the Danang AO, on Nov. 28, ’71,  I was with the Chinook airlift back to Camp Eagle. I was one of the lucky ones who made it to Eagle. These days I think more often of those that were not so lucky, not less often.

The last ABU mission out of Camp Eagle ended at FSB Jack. We trucked out of Jack down HWY 1 back to Eagle.

Before leaving for home, we practiced at for the “Sons of San Mateo” parade in Long Binh. Who can forget practicing for the heckling and taunts expected from the Anti-war crowd?

The experience at San Mateo was unforgettable, and the people made us feel as welcome as family. I was able to meet Linda, a wonderful lady who by that time had become a legend to us.

I have a lot to be proud of in my life, but being a grunt with ‘A’ Co., 1/327th Infantry, 101st Airborne is at the top of the list.