Steve Black

ABU Company ’66
[email protected]


I joined the Army in March 66 after messing around in college for 6 months. Enlisted Airborne unassigned, sent to 11b2p (heavy weapons infantry) jump school then the Nam.
Arrived in country Oct 66 and sent from Long Bihn to Saigon to augement the M.P.s providing security for troop billets. Sent to Abu Jan 67.
One of 3 from 2nd plt not wounded on Mothers Day Hill. Knew all the KIA and many of the WIAs. Have been dealing with it ever since.
Out of the Army at Ft Bragg in March 69.
Spent 4 years in the Air Force from 71-75 as air traffic controller, and many years in the Army National Gaurd. Went to Desert Storm as a RN in a National Gaurd evac hosp.
Retired from that in 01 as Captain.
I have missed my brothers for all these years, and hardly a day goes by that I dont think about Mothers Day Hill.
Steve BlackOn the top of mothers day hill, just after the fight.