Steve Reynolds

ABU Company ’69
[email protected]


Enlisted in the Army Feb ’68 from California for basic training at Ft. Ord then to Ft. Gordon for AIT training and met my wife from MD. She was with her friend who was visiting her husband. Ft. Benning for jump school then Ft. Lee, VA for rigger school in Aug ’68. Knowing I was getting orders for Vietnam in Dec, I married in Oct ’68.

Quartermaster School Nov ’68. With Co B 426th B&S Bn in VN in a support unit hooking loads of food and supply to Chinooks for the field until May ’69. Orders then sent me to Co A 1st BN 327th Inf. Our daughter was born in June. Due to an injury to my knee, I was med vac to Phu Bai hospital in Sept then to Japan and Walter Reed Medical Center, Wash., DC by October. My next stations were Ft. Riley, KS from Jan – Dec ’70 then to 600 QM Co., Ft. Bragg, NC where I repaired and packed parachutes until discharge in Dec ’72.

Moved back to Calif for 3 yrs driving for the moving company where I worked prior to service. In Nov ’75, we moved to my wife’s hometown in MD where I have been a self-employed commercial waterman. Started out diving for oysters, and now fish and crab with my son working an 800 crab pot rig on the Chesapeake Bay.