Terry Gray

“Gray Ghost”
ABU Company ’66/’67
[email protected]


I was in ABU company 1st of the 327th 2nd platoon from June 9th 1966 until I was wounded on Mother’s Day Hill on May 12th 1967. I went to sniper school around July 5th for a week after Dak To.

Well it was only 37 years ago to the day (7-22-03) I was in Tuy Hoa Vietnam, but my first day on guard duty was in DakTo. I remember the date very well. It was the day top sent me to supply to get my M-16. While I was on my leave before coming over the news on tv was nothing but about the 101st in heavy combat in Dak To. Ii got off the caribou at the airstrip and found A/Co. Top didn’t have a shirt on so I could see all the band-aids on his back and chest and his head was wound too. He sent me over to supply, nobody was there, but there was a pile of M-16’s in the middle of the tent, say 3 feet tall and 8 feet wide. I really had to look through the pile to find one that wasn’t shot up or twisted in some manner or the other. I go back to top and he tells me where to show up at dark to pull guard duty. Well, all was quiet until about 12:00 midnight, then the flares started going off, red flares, shit, white flares, ?, top told me if I fired my weapon I better have a dead body in front of me. I held fire, I held fire till I realized it was the fourth of July 1966. Was anybody there watching the movie for the night and can tell me what it was? I remember. Does anybody remember Dean Deffenbaugh, the medic of Tiger Force, who was a good friend of mine from high school, Stranahan high in Fort Lauderdale Florida? I didn’t see him that night but we did hook up in Tuy Hoa. My best friend in Vietnam was Steven Jars. remember him St. Lloyd?

KONTUM JUMP it was a practice jump for the first combat jump of Vietnam except the 173rd made a jump a couple of weeks later and they got the credit and the ribbon for the only combat jump until that time. It made ” Life” magazine but it was a PUBLICITY stunt. The duce-and-a-half’s were on the drop zones 30 minutes after they hit the ground to pick up chutes. I got back from R&R the morning of the jump and was told to take THE DAY OFF.