William T. Whitmore Jr.

ABU Company ’67/’68
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I served with ABU June ’67 – June ’68 in 1st platoon.

Our platoon leader for a time was Lt. Steve Patterson.

Hard to believe but it has been exactly 50 years since A Co, 1st 327th, 101st ABN Div walked into a major ambush that forever impacted each of our lives. Although so long ago, the memories are as fresh today as they were that day. Please allow me to share a post I previously used:

January 24th, 1968 – a day that will be forever in the memories of those who served with A (ABU) Co 1st BN 327th INF 1st BDE 101st ABN Div
Song Be, Vietnam. As that morning started, little did we realize that we would literally walk into “The Jaws of Death” later that day. We lost many good men who were either killed or wounded in a “Firefight” that lasted for what seemed to be forever. Being pinned down and cutoff well into the 25th, we questioned survival, but survive we did, thanks in very large part to one of the very best Company Commanders anyone could ask for, Capt. Julius Johnson. Capt., who retired as a Brig. General, wherever you are, thanks again for all you did for us – we owe you our lives. One of the men we lost that day was Sgt. Jon Grimmett, pictured below. He was a true soldier, a friend, a beloved Brother.

To all those we lost that horrific day, you will be forever in our memories and in our hearts, and to those who survived, thank you for all you did, have done, and are doing. BROTHERS forever – God Bless you! We served and were and are very proud of our service.

ABU / ATR Forever