Howard L. Logsdon Photos 8


Pictures submitted by Howard L. Logsdon

Any help with identifying photos will be appreciated.
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scan0113_jpg_lgWe used to tell the cherries that the LAW was for elephants.
Hank Ortega


scan0114_jpg_lgCapt. McGaha (Right)
(Kia) Tigers, 1/327th)
Ben Croxton

scan0117_jpg_lgJim Russel
C/1/ 327
Late 67′ early 68′
Jim still has this helmet! Russell is about the luckiest guy I ever met.
Hank Ortega


scan0118_jpg_lgFacing down a mine. Brave guy.
Hank Ortega

scan0033_jpg_lgSGM Sablauski
Awarded the DSC

scan0044_jpg_lgCapt. Johnson
(A CO)
RTO Charles Bridgeman
A Company 1/327