Jim Kuhlman Photos 1


Jim Kuhlman was assigned to the 2/320th Artillery and forward observer with B/1/327th during March 1968 through August 1968 time frame, aka “Magoo”

April19_68(1)_lg1/327th troops loading up at foot of FSB Birmingham (grid YD707102) on April 19, 1968 for combat assault to mark the beginning of Operation Delaware

April19_68(1a)_lg1/327th troops being picked up at foot of FSB Birmingham (grid YD 707102) on April 19, 1968 for assault to establish FSB Veghel during initial hours of Operation

FSBBirminghamMar68(1)_lgFSB Birmingham (grid YD707102) in late March 1968 shortly after it was established by the 1/327th and days after a ‘friendly fire’ attack by Naval/Marine aircraft

FSBBirminghamMar68(3)_lgFSB Birmingham in late March ’68

FSBBirminghamMar68(2)_lgFSB Birmingham, looking west along Rt 547 smoke in back-ground is B/1/327 in contact at Fire Base Henry during road security operation.

April19_68(2)_lgTroops of Bravo Co, 1/327th on the Landing Zone during the assault to establish FSB Veghel, April 19, 1968

FSBVeghel&LZ_lgFSB Veghel and landing zone (green) taken about three months after initial assault of April 19, 1968

April68_lgTroops of B/1/327th and APCs of 3-5 Cav. conduct route security operations for Rome plows along Route 547 between FSB Birmingham and FSB Bastogne.