Jim Kuhlman Photos 2


Jim Kuhlman was assigned to the 2/320th Artillery and forward observer with B/1/327th during March 1968 through August 1968 time frame, aka “Magoo”

FSBVeghel(2)_lgFSB Veghel in its early days of preparation, late April 1968.

FSBVeghel(3)_lgIrregular troops (Lao/Montagnard) on FSB Veghel, late April 1968.
NVA-built ladder in trees led to NVA observation post.

FSBVeghel(5)_lgFSB Veghel, late April 1968.
Bringing in the 155s.

FO&CO_May68_lgCPT James “Bwana” Shepherd,
CO, B/1/327th & 2LT Jimmy F. Kuhlman, HHB, 2/320th Artillery F.O. for B/1/327th on FSB Veghel (grid YD550035), May 1968

FSBVeghel(4)_lg“B/1/327: RTO Randy Bell (left) and platoon sergeant SFC Morton (right) during security duty on FSB Veghel (grid YD550035), May 1968.”

May_68(1)_lg2LT Jimmy F. Kuhlman, FO, B/1/327th Infantry, with derelict NVA truck along Route 547, located a few kilometers northeast of FSB Veghel, May 6, 1968

May_68(2)_lgTroops of B/1/327th Infantry at NVA arms cache site northeast of FSB Veghel along Route 547, May 6, 1968. CPT. James “Bwana” Shepherd, CO, sitting on right

Magoo&MightyMouse_lg2LT Jimmy F. Kuhlman, Forward Observer for B/1/327th Infantry (left) and LT Metheny, Platoon Leader, B/1/327th Infantry during a short stand-down at Camp Eagle, May 1968