Jim Kuhlman Photos 3


Jim Kuhlman was assigned to the 2/320th Artillery and forward observer with B/1/327th during March 1968 through August 1968 time frame, aka “Magoo”

BCo_May68_lg“Officers of B/1/327 enjoy a standdown at Camp Eagle, May 1968. LT Kuhlman, artillery FO is at right front, platoon leader LT Bill Rogers is at left front, and platoon leader LT Jim Adams is second on left. Remaining names not recorded.”

vietnam10_lgOperation “Nevada Eagle” commenced on 17 May 1968 with a combat assault into the Rao Nho Valley, five kilometers west of FSB Veghel. Bravo and Charlie Companies of 1/327th attacked into the Landing Zone (shown here still smoldering from the white phosphorus rounds of the artillery preparation) at YD503033

ArmsCacheMay68_lgOperations in the Rao Nho Valley resulted in the discovery of numerous arms caches by Bravo and Charlie Companies, 1/327th. Here Bravo Company CO, CPT “Bwana” Shepherd, right, with his XO and RTO, await helicopters to extract captured equipment at YD480028

Vietnam024_lg“Soviet ZU-23mm AA gun, part of weapons cache of 50+ trucks,
artillery, and AA discovered in Rao Nho Valley by B/1/327 in May 1968. CO Bwana Shepherd in center and platoon leader Jim Adams at right.”

Vietnam023_lgTroops of B/1/327th mark a cleared landing zone to receive a resupply chopper. Resupply normally took place once every five days in order to maintain a ‘stealth’ operational status

Vietnam025_lg“LT Ron Christian, FO for C/1/327 (right) and LT Bill Rogers, platoon leader, B/1/327, on FSB Berteschgaden (YD423012), overlooking AShau Valley in August 1968.

Vietnam026_lgPFC Leach, aka “Chief,” RTO in the fire support team for Bravo Company, 1/327th, June 1968

Vietnam_FSB_Berchtesgaden2_lgTroops of B/1/327th pull security duty on FSB Berteschgaden among the tubes of A Battery, 2/320th Artillery in August 1968