Jim Kuhlman Photos 4


Jim Kuhlman was assigned to the 2/320th Artillery and forward observer with B/1/327th during March 1968 through August 1968 time frame, aka “Magoo”

Vietnam_FSB_Berchtesgaden3_lg“Troops of B/1/327th pull security of FSB Berteschgaden (YD423012), August 1968, after operations in the AShau Valley. RTO Randy Bell, standing at
left and LT Bill Rogers, platoon leader, leaning at right. Red-headed company RTO (u/i) sitting in center”

vietnam9_lgFrom Hue to the AShau Valley, March – August 1968. 1LT Jim Kuhlman, FSB Berteschgaden, August 1968. Picture shows FSB Son (YD461005) in right foreground, the Rao Nho Valley, directly behind me, with FSBs Veghel, Bastogne, and Birmingham ranging to the east/northeast but not visible in this photo

Vietnam031_lgApproaching Hue from the west- southwest, August 1968

Vietnam032_lgHue, August 1968

Vietnam034_lgHue, August 1968

CampEagle_lgCamp Eagle, Headquarters, 101st Airborne Division, September 1968

vietnam1_lgBefore being “infused” with the 2/320th Artillery and attached as FO to B/1/327th in March 1968, I was assigned to 1/321st Artillery and served as FO for B/1/501st. This photo shows the four FOs and LNO for 1/501st during our early days in country at Cu Chi. From left, LT Donnie Uzzle, LT David Martin, Tex the LNO, LT P.J. Penney, and LT Jim Kuhlman (me)