Pictures were submitted by John Pagel II, Roger Green & Neil Murphy



Phan Rang about October of 1965


I refer to that time as the “BROWN BOOT ARMY Time” My first issue of jungle boots in the highlands were WWII issue jungle boots. Brown leather, brown canvas with a flap and buckles at the top.
They didn’t have any 7 1/2 size in the black and green issue.
Contributed by John Pagel

lonnie_james_1st_plt_67_68Lonnie James ammo bearer and machine
gunner with the 1st Platoon ’67/’68
Contributed by Roger Green

tony_tiger_sgt_brown_1st_plt_67_68Tony Tiger (R) and Sgt, Brown (L)
Tony was the 1st Platoon Leader
Contributed by Roger Green

bowlin_bboedekkerKim Bowlin, and John Boedekker
B/1/327, 101st
May 1967.
Contributed by Neil Murphy