Ted (Max) McCormick Photos 2


Pictures were submitted by
Ted (Max) McCormick

tang“Tang” 1st plt’s Cheu Hoi.
Tang originally was from
Phu Bai area, during Tet 68
when the NVA captured Hue,
Tang was conscripted in the NVA
and sent to the Mekong Delta.
He later surrendered, starving,
and sick with malaria. Tang
was sent back to the Phu Bai
area and joined the Cheu Hoi

kevin_mclaughlinFound a bunch of 35mm’s I didn’t
know I had, here a great shot of
Kevin Mclaughlin looks like pic was
taken during a stand down. Geez…
He looks like the “All American” kid.
Been trying to locate him without any
luck, I remember how pissed he was
at his recruiter who screwed him into
a three year hitch, he was always
bitchin about that. Hope he survived
the beer bash in Germany.

aodueceA Co 2/502nd Inf combat assualting
to hill 882, Apr70. The O-Duece
suffered heavy losses and had to be withdrawn.
This action marked the begining
of the battle of FSB Ripcord.

john_albro_travis_shattleJohn Albro and Travis Shattle
John served two years with the 327th,
the first year with A Co during the battle
of Dong Ap Bia (Hamburger Hill), then
did his second tour with B Co. Here is
John giving some pointers to Travis
Shattle, 1st squads M-60 man.
Travis had been an M-60 instructor
at the jungle warfare school in Panama
before he recieved orders for Vietnam.

ted_quad50Quad 50 on FSB Bastonge Apr 70, one of the barrels was being cleaned
at time of photograph.