Larry Cottingham

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I served as a rifleman from 01 May to 06 July 67. Went to HQ served in Tigers until Sep 69

Awarded SS, BSw V and CIB two PH and CMB.
Larry J. Cottingham CSM (Ret)

I received both the CMB and the CIB. I was a Special Forces Medic that fell for the “Get on that truck” routine. “Combat necessity” put me on the Line with “B” Company 1/327 101 Airborne as a rifleman. Volunteered for Tigers and carried a sniper rifle and an aid kit. Some of the men in the Tigers would tell the other line troops, “Our medic picks out who he is going to work on.” Got me some strange looks from the line troops.


September 1968 CAMP EAGLE at Duc Pho


Ceremony for KIA’s at Chu Lai 1st Battalion, I knew most of them.