Robert “Bob” Supak

Brave Rifle Company 7/70-7/71
[email protected]


I accidentally stumbled upon the 327th website early last year and discovered that the medic from our platoon (Ted Gearing) was registered with the site and had also posted pictures on the website – that’s how I found him – I was just sort of browsing through some of the pictures on the website, and boom, there he was! As a result of that discovery, I finally made email contact with him, and through him, I made contact with two other buddies that were in my platoon – it was something to make contact with those guys after all these years!! We exchanged emails and photos – it was awesome! Anyway, I’ve been meaning to register with the organization ever since, but have just been putting it off. I would like to maybe even post some pictures from my tour, on the website – I took quite a few pictures (35mm slides) while there. I was 2-yr ARMY, I was with the 101st Airborne, 327th Infantry, 1st Battalion, Co. B. I was a ground grunt (MOS 11B) and home base for our company was camp Eagle. I was in Vietnam from July 70 to July 71. Our company worked the areas around firebases Birmingham, Bastogne, Veghel, and beyond. I do have a CIB. After I got back from Nam, my final months in the Army were spent at Fort Carson, CO.