Ron Egan

BRAVE RIFLE Company ’67/’68


Ronald L. “Ron“ Egan, age 68, of East Dundee passed away on Thur. Nov. 19, 2015 at the Sherman Hospital in Elgin. Ron was born in Chicago on September 21, 1947 and was the son of the late John & Dorothy Egan. Ron was a lifelong resident of the Dundee area and a member of the Dundee VFW #2298. He was also a highly decorated U.S. Army Veteran of the Vietnam War.

My Post for Egan:

I have shed my tears, but now I want to celebrate the life of a good friend with a story of life.

Over the years I have had many good times with Ron Egan, what follows is just a short story of one special night we had;

Not too long ago I spent almost three weeks living with Egan in his basement palace. A few nights before I was to leave I introduced him to my favorite meal, a can of chili dumped over a bed of rice. He loved it… I said, now I wish had dessert, with that he disappeared into the other room and came back with two VERY large bowls of pound cake & peaches. While this may not seem special to most people it held great meaning and memories for two old Vietnam paratroopers.

When we were humping thru the jungles with only the food on our backs mixing a can of c-ration peaches and a can of pound cake was a real treat.

What then followed was a great night of reminiscing and exchanging many lies and war stories between us. For the next few nights we repeated this ritual until i left…

Love U Ron Egan