Harry C. “Steve” Stevenson Photos


Pictures were submitted by Harry C. “Steve” Stevenson

roger_m_johnCPT Roger M. John when he passed command of Co C, 1/327 near
Phan Thiet in Jan. ’68.
See how well he cleaned up for the ceremony; even got a shirt with
patches and stuff.

hcs_promotion_1lt_7_671LT Stevenson is congratulated
upon his promotion to 1LT in
July 1967. I cannot recall who
was the Bn CO at that time. Help!

hcs_101st_jump_101_lrrps101st jump at Ft Campbell, 1987.

cpt_john_to_westbrookCPT Roger M. John (right) and the new CO of the Cobra Company, 1/327:
CPT Joseph A. Westbrook. “Westy” had command of Co C through
the summer of ’68, when we had moved back to I Corps.

c_co_hdqtrs_1_327_nov_67Co C Headquarters personnel during a stand-down at Phan Rang in
December 1967. The Brigade was moving from Chu Lai in I Corps to
Phan Thiet, south of Phan Rang.
We passed through Phan Rang for about 5 days before moving to
Phan Thiet, and working out of Phan Thiet during late December
and early January ’68. In the middle of the photo is CPT Roger M. John.
To the right is 1Sgt Archie Hodge and to his left is me,
1LT H. C. Stevenson, the XO.