Lee Broll Photos page 3


Pictures were submitted by Lee Broll

broll_1Strip outside the compound at Phan Rang

broll_21st platoon on the hills around Tuy Hoa.

broll_31st platoon far left Ron Gallant,
middle Negron.

broll_4Sgt. Swift, Bo Crews, Stanley Webb
Phan Thiet.

broll_5Jim Affonce, Bo Crews.
At Duc Pho.

broll_6Lee Broll, Bo Crews, Stanley Webb
Phan Thiet.

broll_7left to right, 1 unknown, 2 Ron Gallant,
3 Sgt Swift, 4 Bo Crews, 5 unknown.

broll_8Crews, Danny L. Elzie, Broll
E.M. Club in Phan Rang