Lee Broll Photos page 4


Pictures were submitted by Lee Broll

broll_80E.M. club Phan Rang left Santora,
far right, Broll.

broll_83Ed McMullen, barracks Phan Rang. K.I.A.
May 67.

broll_82Dunlevy with prisoner, Duckett far left.

broll_81Lee Broll on a smoke break.

broll_842 half body in photos unknown? left to right,
Sully, Lowe, SSG Phillips, Porter seated.

broll_85Doc Hise with machette,
Ackerson far right.

broll_86Left Lowe, right Kane.

broll_87Chopper, don’t remember place?

broll_88Williams at Duc Pho (W.I.A. May 67).